At what age can a puppy be bathed?

Puppies can be bathed from as young as 8 weeks, especially since they tend to stand in their poo or get mud on themselves when they play outside. It’s not necessary to bathe them every day - a monthly bath with a mild shampoo is adequate for the dog's hygiene and it will allow the puppy to become used to bathing early in life. A good rinse is enough should the puppy get dirty after playing in mud or has been swimming in saltwater. For short-coated puppies, dirty marks or food on the fur can simply be wiped off with a moist sponge.

Should puppies be bathed regularly?

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Puppies can be bathed regularly as soon as they become part of the family, but there are certain cons related to regular bathing, including:

How often should a puppy be bathed?

The normal bathing schedule for a puppy is as follows:

Do bear in mind though, that it is not harmful if puppies and adult dogs are never bathed. However, there are certain times when a puppy should be bathed regularly, such as:

Bathing is necessary for the dog's hygiene, but being bathed for the first time can be a scary experience for a little puppy, so care should be taken to make it as happy and enjoyable as possible.

This way, when the puppy grows into adulthood, instead of bathing being an alien experience, it will be an absolute pleasure. Tornare in alto